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Taking It Slow

  Every season in nature has themes.  Time of springing forth new life, rapid growth, or weathering stormsView full post »

Going Home

      We moved back home… after a couple of months of leaving our little home to move in withView full post »

Protecting Our Relationship

Our relationship is difficult.  Aren’t they all?  She eludes me.  Her sisters were simple, easy to know, easyView full post »

Authentic {A New Year’s Post & Photos from 2015 Roundup}

I have been trudging through lots of self reflection as the year came to a close.  And looking ahead… for theView full post »

{Explore Southern Oregon} Howard Prairie Camping

Our family took off for a 4 day camping trip this weekend.  We decided to only go up to join them for a day.  It wasView full post »

Making Some Summertime Memories

Capri falling asleep during our super-boring-can-I-please-get-out-of-my-car-seat test drive of our new car. The girlsView full post »

My Rock

Cheesy as it may sound, my husband Brandon really is my rock.  Of course, God is first, that is a given… He isView full post »

2012 Superlatives

We loved looking back at 2011 here, and figured we should do the same for twenty-twelve. Biggest Lock-out:  When ShilohView full post »

December Newsletter

~For those of you who didn’t get my first newsletter… I typed up the main story here… Car woes, 4View full post »

He Proposed!

Brandon flew out to Florida to help me drive out to California to move on staff with YWAM, but he had planned more forView full post »