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Taking It Slow

  Every season in nature has themes.  Time of springing forth new life, rapid growth, or weathering stormsView full post »

Going Home

      We moved back home… after a couple of months of leaving our little home to move in withView full post »

Beauty Within the Pain

My girls have hurt more in the past month than I have ever seen them hurt in their whole lives.  Yes, they mayView full post »

A Turn

I am going to do my best to share my heart, with upmost respect.   Sometimes life takes a turn, comesView full post »

She Sharpens Me

My sweet firstborn.  She is brave.  She is smart.  She is strong.  Shiloh has and always will push me and test meView full post »

Our Sensory Bin

After attending several therapy classes with Leilani and learning all about her sensory needs, it was clear to me that IView full post »

Protecting Our Relationship

Our relationship is difficult.  Aren’t they all?  She eludes me.  Her sisters were simple, easy to know, easyView full post »

3 Girls, 1 Room {shared bedroom makeover}

Our girls have always shared a room… always.  For Christmas this past year, we surprised the girls with a newView full post »

Authentic {A New Year’s Post & Photos from 2015 Roundup}

I have been trudging through lots of self reflection as the year came to a close.  And looking ahead… for theView full post »

Toy-Free Christmas & Limits

As a family, we have so much.  So many things to be thankful for, so many blessings, so much love.  We have trekkedView full post »

Conquering and Building

Not very long ago… perhaps 2 months maybe, we were hitting a wall regarding our little ladies.  Forget the clicheView full post »

How We Do Chores {5 years old & 2 years old}

I am a firm believer in chores.  I am pretty sure I had chores early on in life, but unfortunately all I can rememberView full post »

Day by Day

I have taken a HUGE hiatus from the blog.  First it started as just the need to put my laptop down and focus on myView full post »

Little Ekstrom Conversations- {Capri Edition}

Or otherwise referred to in our house as Caprisms… Conversation 1. Capri:  Jesus, thank you for…. (pausesView full post »

Teaching Her.

Our decision to start homeschooling Shiloh wasn’t necessarily because of a public vs. homeschool education,View full post »