Getting Away…

I am so excited.  So. Unbelievably.  Excited.

Its about time we got away and took a mini-vacay.  Saying goodbye to work and the farm life for 48 hours.

Its all Shiloh has been talking about for  2 weeks straight.

We’re driving down to Sacramento to meet up with some of my mommy friends who have babies Capri’s age.  Some have older children closer to Shiloh’s age too, so that will be fun for her to meet some new friends.  New city, new friends, cute babies, and poolside fun.  I am packed and ready to get away.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1.

Shiloh (just before serving dinner):  “Grandpa, you should pray.  I don’t really want to pray, but you can.”


Conversation 2.

Shiloh (as she was sweeping the kitchen floor):  “I don’t really know how I feel about this.”


Conversation 3.

Mommy:  “Shiloh are you excited about our new car?”

Shiloh:  “Yes, I don’t really like it.  I want a red truck.”

Mommy:  “Well, we are not getting a red truck.”

Shiloh:  “When I am older, you will buy me a red truck.”


Conversation 4.

Shiloh:  “Mommy, Grandpa and Daddy have to fix the bagger.  It broke.  But they don’t know how to fix it.  I need to help them.  But I don’t know how to fix the bagger.”


Conversation 5.

Shiloh:  “Mommy?  Can I feed Roxy?”

Mommy:  “Yes.”  (So she does.)

Shiloh (10 minutes later):  “Mommy?  Can I feed Roxy again?”

Mommy:  “No sweetie, she already ate.”

Shiloh (to Capri):  “Mommy said she already ate.”

Shiloh:  “Mommy?  Capri says she needs to feed Roxy.”




Birthday Weekend

Brandon’s birthday was yesterday.  Its so fun to have birthdays that are days apart…. fun, fun, fun.  The weekend was a great time not just celebrating Brandon, but just celebrating in general.  Our garden has finally showed signs of flowering and pollination.

I got to take a trip with Capri to see Brandon’s grandparents.  They recently moved a couple hours away.  We had lunch with them and got to visit their new place.  Capri loved spending time with them.

That evening Brandon and I had a great date night together, and on our way back home, we made new friends with our resident white duck.  She lives in the canal at the beginning of our driveway.  She pretended not to like us, but I could tell that if I had some food, she’d be my best friend.

The girls and I picked out a tool shed for Brandon.  Yesterday we set it up together.  And by that I mean I read the directions to Brandon and occasionally help something in place for him.  It was rather easy, only took us an hour, and we were still married at the end of it.  😉

Nothing like spotting a tree frog on your window.  Hello little guy.  Please help yourself to all the mosquitos you desire, no really, I mean it.

Finally Brandon has a place to store all his woodworking tools.  And they are not in my pantry anymore.  Win, win.

I love it.  Well, mostly I love that he has a space for everything, and its organized.  He loves to build, but with harvest season demanding 70+ hours a week of him, he has no time to fool around with finding things.  Now its all there, in one place.

Then in the afternoon, we spent time with the family.  Shiloh looks for this cat every time we are over there.  I don’t ever remember all the cats’ names.  I think this one might be Gunther.  Who knows.  I am not a cat girl.  Unfortunately Shiloh would take this one home if she could catch him.  Hide little kitty, hide.

It was croqueting all day for the guys.  I don’t dare play.  They are ruthless.

We brought Roxy over so she could run off her puppy-hyperness.

They always seem to wear their blue shirts at the same time….

I am not sure if Brandon won any games… but I do know he broke his mallet.  Stick.  Whatever they are called.

Little Miss Capri.

The birthday dessert was a hit with her.

Happy Birthday Brandon!  We are excited for this upcoming year in your life and thankful to have you as the man in ours.

Started Sweet & Ended With A Bat

What’s that you say?  Yes, that is the title I chose.  You shall see why…

First off– wow!  Thank you to everyone who called, texted, messaged, and wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday.  Happy it was, but I felt super loved by all you!  I am looking forward to what 29 has in store for me.

Brandon’s alarm went off ridiculously early yesterday morning.  I assumed he was getting an emergency call and it was the middle of the night.  Nope, it was his alarm, at 5am.  He got up and baked me some cupcakes.  What a good hubby!  The night before Shiloh had burst in from going to town with him, “Mommy!  We got you a cake!”… Little snitch.  I was still surprised to have Brandon bring me cupcakes in bed at 6 something in the morning.   Good job babe.  Well done.

Birthday or no birthday, I still had to feed, clean, bathe, diaper, and clothe the girls.  Don’t they know I should have the day off?  Geez.  But, they were actually quite adorable yesterday and it was the easiest day as a mom that I have had in a loooooong time.

My sweet father-in-law called and wished me the best Happy Birthday— ‘I hope you have a Thunderous Birthday’… followed by, ‘If it actually thunders, don’t be afraid, its not that bad.’  Thanks Dad!  Hahahaha!  He had me smiling all day because every time I looked outside, it did look like a storm was coming.

The highlight happened after celebrating a fun dinner and dessert with Brandon’s family.  Two years ago, I was in Nicaragua on my birthday.  We had just finished a fish fry down at a neighbor’s and Brandon and I walked back up to the house we were staying in to put Shiloh to bed.  I was sitting in the bed, and noticed something flying around in the living room.  BAT!  It was a bat.  Swooping back and forth.  Almost flying into Brandon’s head as he army-crawled to a door so he could open it and eventually allow the bat to fly out.  Funny and kinda cool for the ending to my birthday.  Well….

Last night after dinner we all were sitting around in the living room having our dessert, and I spied a… guess what?  BAT!  Flying in my in-law’s house!  How it got inside, we have no clue.  But it was swooping back and forth around the living room.  My father-in-law chased it up into their bedroom and we watched him try to catch it inside a jacket.  Not the best pictures, I know.  Dad and the bat were moving at high speeds, so they were super blurry.  But you can make out the bat in the first frame.  Dad threw the jacket over the bat, and then gently released it out the window.

A birthday bat.  2 years now.  Crazy.  Thats just crazy.

Coffee Date

One of my favorite things to do is to grab a cup of coffee in the morning with a good friend and catch up.  If you wanted, you could come over and sit in my living room while the girls play.

I would tell you to sit in my favorite chair because it is so darn comfy.

I’d ask how your week was going and what has been hard for you.  Then pour you a cup of our favorite vanilla roast, complete with raw sugar and real half and half (if that is how you take your coffee, I do, I like it dangerously sweet).

I would share a funny story about how Shiloh likes to sing and dance with me in the evenings.

I would show you how Capri is standing and cruising along our furniture, and then let you hold her so you could feel just how light and little she really is.  Sista can’t even break 15lbs.  Then I’d brag that I’ve been using a new bath wash on her and let you smell her skin because its crazy delicous.

I’d ask you about your children/husband/friends/job/family and listen to your answers while picturing it all in my mind.

I would show you the massive tree branch outside that barely missed our house.

I’d put Capri down for her morning nap, and get Shiloh set up with some coloring at the table so we could talk kid-free for some time.

I would tell you that my post partum depression has gotten worse this month and that I am trying some herbal remedies hoping they will help.

I would share that I am about to turn 29, but still feel like I am a teenager at times.

I would ask what your favorite tv show is right now because we don’t have cable and actually took down our tv recently, so I am out of the loop as to what is going on in the entertainment world.

I’d compliment your clothes because there is a 99% chance you have better fashion taste than me, then I would ask you where I should shop.

I would tell you that I am excited about the future, but learning some hard lessons.

I’d tell you that I am thankful for my husband and can’t wait for harvest season to end so he can have more time with us and not so many late nights working at the shop.

I’d tell you about all the music I am digging.  (Hey, I’m not 30 yet, I can say “digging” still for another year, right?)  I’d tell you to check this video out, and tell you that our last DTS put a slideshow together to this song and it was very emotionally moving.  I would tell you that it inspires me to pray for the nations and the people who are out there in the hard places, helping and serving the poorest of poor and the most broken souls around the world.  I would tell you that it reminds me of how people who we think are poor sometimes are the most rich in life and joy.

We’d likely talk for hours until my coffee pot was empty.  Then Capri would wake up and we’d realize that although we’d love to continue to retreat from our lives and get lost in more conversation, life demands us, and we have things to do.

I’d walk you out to your car, and we’d chat some more, but then the mosquitos would find us, so we would get interrupted.  I’d wave goodbye as you drive away and then I’d be smiling for the rest of the day because of how much our coffee date re-fueled my soul.

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August 7, 2013 - 6:14 pm

Ashley Lewis - You are the sweetest!!! Love this new site and your post here. It’s soo what I saw when we last had coffee. Praying JOY over you in this sweet new season and for the creative, writing juices to keep flowing!! Love you much!!! xoxo -Ashley

February 26, 2014 - 8:24 am

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