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Get ready for a lot of photos… But who doesn’t like photos?

May 1, 2014 - 1:02 pm

alex - BEAUTIFUL pictures!
Thank you for sharing. I have been inpsired to share my journey with Huntington’s disease.
I would be honored if you would follow as I share my heart and story.

And we are having…

Halfway through this pregnancy and we finally found out what we are having.  We are seeing the fetal medicine specialist for a few ultrasounds and fetal echocardiograms as a precaution since Capri has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  The preliminary anatomy scan showed a healthy baby and no abnormal heart issues.  We’ll be returning in a month for an echocardiogram, which will take a closer look at baby’s heart.

And on to the good news.

Baby #3 is….

…a GIRL!

What was kinda funny was that we swung by the store to get a bundle of balloons before returning home… and the balloon guy had every color in stock, except baby pink.  Hahaha, go figure!  So hot pink it was!  We had a good laugh over that.

We were taking these pics in between rain showers… so the while Shiloh was over-the-moon excited that she just found out she’ll be having another little sister, and Capri was over-the-moon excited that we bought more balloons for her to play with… neither one was excited to be outside in the cold, gloomy weather.  Their faces say it all.

We are extremely excited to be adding another baby girl to our brood.  We knew beforehand what we would name her… so for all of our friends, family, and faithful blog readers… little miss shall be named…

We are blessed indeed.  Brandon and I can’t even express how excited we are for Leilani.  Her name means ‘heavenly flower’, and Cruz means ‘cross’.  Shiloh is already going around saying, “I have TWO sisters:  Capri and Leilani!”  (Capri is just working on saying “bay-bee”)   She gave us some great portraits during the ultrasound… we are already in awe of her beauty.

She is already a part of our family and we can’t wait for the day we get to meet her face to face.

March 26, 2014 - 9:16 am

christa spates - so happy for you all!!! always keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! loving all the updates and wonderful photos!!! love watching all of you bloom!!! miss you guys alot, still in awe of gods goodness!!


Shiloh is becoming extremely independent.  We are helping her learn how to balance making her own decisions with the times where she needs to obey our decisions for her.  Some days its a struggle, but I have learned that she likes to know more about our daily routine… as in she wants to know what we or she will be doing first, then next, then after that, then lastly.  Giving her this breakdown, gives her incentives to be patient, something to look forward to.  We had a BIG week last week.  My little brother-in-law got married on Saturday, and we were all involved in the wedding.  It was a busy time.  It was an exciting time.  Shiloh and Capri were both flower girls and they were amazing.  I wasn’t amazing because I forgot to take a single picture of them…  Thankfully, a family member did snap and post one cute pic of them…

It was a long day of wedding extravaganzas, and so, for Shiloh one of her incentives to power through the ‘boring for a 3 year old times’ was that on Sunday she was going to visit the new baby lambs on the dairy.  It gave her something to get excited about.   So on Sunday we sleepily woke up late…

And eventually, we made our way to the dairy.  The lambs were all born in the last 3 weeks, and some were born just that morning.

Shiloh got to hold one of them… they were SO ADORABLE.  This one was a bummer-lamb… meaning the mother had one too many baby lambs than her milk supply could provide for.  She had triplets, and this one wasn’t getting enough milk.  So he has to be bottle fed… and bummer lambs tend to be really friendly and love to be held because they are bottle fed.  This one was just precious.

These two were born just that morning.  There is something about black spotted lambs that is so beautiful.

Michael raised them all… he takes care of them day in and day out.  There were 5 mommy sheep, each had 1, 2, or 3 baby lambs… and then in another pasture, Michael keeps his two rams.

It was such a fun experience to watch Shiloh finally get to see the lambs.  The whole wedding being over meant she could look forward to this day.  We are just crossing our fingers that Shiloh doesn’t ask for a lamb of her own now, haha.

Coffee Date

Please come over for coffee this morning.  I promise I won’t clean the house, and I’ll even keep my pj’s on.  How special!  Today I will need 2 cups of coffee.  I will explain to you that last night was a rough night with sick babies.  I’ll warn you that they are sick, so if you know what is best, you’ll stay away and not come, but since I begged you, maybe you’ll risk it.  😉

I’ll let you know that I am feeling ever-so-slightly better each and every day.  I’ll smile, but will still need to drink more coffee before I can REALLY smile.

I’ll ask to hear ALL about your life, because I would rather listen this morning than talk.

I’ll ask a ton of questions, so be prepared.  I want to know EVERYTHING.  I will be hoping for all good news from you, but I know that the reality is you might have been having some hard thing you’re dealing with, so I am ready to hear about those things and will pray for you.

I’ll share that we are still waiting to hear about our offer on the house.  I am finding peace in the waiting.

I’ll share that Capri is the sickest and that my ‘all-natural’ approach to letting her body fight away germs is actually easier than it seems.  I’ll share that I secretly worry that her heart may play a factor in getting sick.  But then I’ll share that its just my over-worrisome-mommy mind and that she is so healthy that I shouldn’t concern myself for the couple of days she does get sick.

I’ll insist you have a second cup of coffee because, well, I made enough.  We’ll talk and catch up but keep it short this morning, because I have to get back to caring for the girls, and you don’t want to stick around and test your immune system too much.  We’ll finish with talking about the weather, light and fluffy talk.  We’ll laugh.  When its time to go, I’ll walk you outside and hug you tight.  I’ll thank you for driving all the way out to the boonies to see me, and we’ll say something to the effect of, ‘same time next week?’.  But we both know thats not going to happen so we smile and chuckle.  We are okay with that, our friendship is solid and we are thankful for this morning together.

{You can read the previous Coffee Date here.}

Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1.
Daddy:  Shiloh, can you please clean up your toys?
Shiloh:  (Shaking her head)  That man in crazy!

Conversation 2.
(As the snow outside has partly melted away.)
Shiloh:  Oh no!  The birds came and ate all the snow!
Shiloh:  Hey!  Birds!  Don’t eat my snowman!

Conversation 3.
Shiloh:  Mommy?  Do you feel sick?
Mommy:  Yes, the baby is making Mommy sick.
Shiloh:  I am just sick about how you feel sick.

Conversation 4.
Shiloh:  Hey Daddy, I am going to go shoot a deer.
Daddy:  Oh yea?
Shiloh:  Yea, and then after I shoot the deer, I am going to go ice-skating.

Conversation 5.
Shiloh:  When I get bigger, I am going to be walking down the street and see a boy, and he is going to ask to be my husband, …and then I can get a puppy!


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April 2, 2014 - 10:19 am

Kyra Faulkner - Oh my gosh, these are amazing! I’m still waiting on that puppy part of marriage! (: