Missions as a Family

Mexico Outreach Mamacita

     Last Saturday our entire base (minus 2 staff)

Bucket Baby

     Many times, in other countries, you can’t

And we’re off!

Wow.  We leave in 4 hours.  FOUR!  I am so silly

A Fine Line {The Not So Sane Moments of Traveling}

There is a fine line between sanity and insanity. There

What has 8 wheels, carries a baby, and fits on an airplane?

A Stroller! I wanted to thank a good friend for an

Our Summer Travels

So if you’re wondering where we were in August&#

A Family in Missions

I think one of the most popular questions that come up

12 Hours to Takeoff…

So once again we are off.  This time I am taking the

We started having babies while working with YWAM, and so we decided early on that we would travel internationally as a family if ever needed.  I’ve collected some of the best posts from our time traveling overseas with little ones.  Both my daughters had passports made when they were merely weeks old.  Shiloh has been to 5 countries on 6 different trips starting at 4 months old.  Capri has been on one international trip, traveling when she was 2 months old.  Even though we are no longer in YWAM, we hope to still take our children with us if we ever travel internationally in the future.

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