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To All The Missionaries

To all the missionaries we know.  To all the ones we have never met.  To the person who has been on ‘the field&#View full post »

Big news… {Spring 2013 Newsletter}

To read our latest, Spring 2013 Newsletter, click here.  We have some big news, announcements, and would love to haveView full post »

Not all those…

“Not all those who wander are lost. “ ~J.R.R. Tolkien Although they are seeing the world through very youngView full post »

Goodbye DTS…

Another DTS season is behind us.  These past 6 months have been some of my favorite ones… there was justView full post »

12 Hours to Takeoff…

So once again we are off.  This time I am taking the TWO girls BY. MY. SELF.  Which means a lot of prayers and diapersView full post »

An "A" for Effort

Last year we began a family tradition of Advent… celebrating the 25 days leading up to Christmas by doing certainView full post »

School & Pregnancy Update…

This school has been incredible already.  Brandon & I LOVE LOVE LOVE DTS so much & we are so thankful for GodView full post »

DTS Begins…

Our much anticipated DTS begins today. Whoa. 17 students.  Which is crazy because that is the largest DTS to date forView full post »

A Family in Missions

I think one of the most popular questions that come up when someone is asking about our life with YWAM is how we fitView full post »

Time for a post…

Over 2 months!  Whoa.  Can you tell when life got hectic/morning sickness consumed our family?  I promise, theView full post »

Spread the word.

For those of you who are new friends, new readers, old friends and readers, or just stumbled on this post randomly…View full post »

2011 Superlatives

Sometimes the best way to ring in a new year is to reflect on the past.  Our 2011 was incredible.  We have grown soView full post »

Boyz 2 Men {A hard goodbye}

We had to say goodbye to a close friend yesterday.  It had me singing this song all day…. Tyler we miss youView full post »


4 years ago I worked at a jewelry and accessories store down in Boca Raton, Florida.  I has just finished my 5 monthView full post »

Our Summer Travels

So if you’re wondering where we were in August…. since we didn’t post a single entry for the month&#View full post »