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Beauty Within the Pain

My girls have hurt more in the past month than I have ever seen them hurt in their whole lives.  Yes, they mayView full post »

She Sharpens Me

My sweet firstborn.  She is brave.  She is smart.  She is strong.  Shiloh has and always will push me and test meView full post »

3 Girls, 1 Room {shared bedroom makeover}

Our girls have always shared a room… always.  For Christmas this past year, we surprised the girls with a newView full post »

How We Do Chores {5 years old & 2 years old}

I am a firm believer in chores.  I am pretty sure I had chores early on in life, but unfortunately all I can rememberView full post »

Teaching Her.

Our decision to start homeschooling Shiloh wasn’t necessarily because of a public vs. homeschool education,View full post »

Easter and a Birthday

C’mon, its not too late to post Easter pics right?  Blame it on our internet situation…   And thenView full post »

Photo Roundup

Get ready for a lot of photos… But who doesn’t like photos? Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens inView full post »

And we are having…

Halfway through this pregnancy and we finally found out what we are having.  We are seeing the fetal medicineView full post »


Shiloh is becoming extremely independent.  We are helping her learn how to balance making her own decisions with theView full post »

Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1. Daddy:  Shiloh, can you please clean up your toys? Shiloh:  (Shaking her head)  That man in crazy!View full post »

Three is a wonderful number

After Shiloh was born, we knew we wanted to wait a while before having a 2nd baby.  It was perfect timing for us.  View full post »

Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1. Daddy:  Does God talk to you? Shiloh: Yea, he does.  I flew up to the mountain with him. Daddy:  View full post »

It Can Wait

I have had so many days lately where I run around rushing.  Got to clean the house.  The bathroom needs to be wipedView full post »

{Explore Southern Oregon} Howard Prairie Camping

Our family took off for a 4 day camping trip this weekend.  We decided to only go up to join them for a day.  It wasView full post »

Independence Is Exhausting

Shiloh has turned a new corner and spread her wings some.  She insists on doing a lot of things all by herself.  AsView full post »