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Shop Girls

Now you might be thinking, “Shop Girls” as in retail shopping… no, I assure you, this is far from thatView full post »

Sweet Friendship

Yesterday we had a wonderful day of family and fun.  Our family spent Sunday morning with Brandon’s parents andView full post »

Friday Photos

Just some random perspectives from around our household this week.  My house on most days looks like this, dishes to beView full post »

Washing the Day Off

I remember when I was a little girl, there was a commercial on tv for a popular soap brand.  Well Shiloh taking herView full post »

My Rock

Cheesy as it may sound, my husband Brandon really is my rock.  Of course, God is first, that is a given… He isView full post »


When Shiloh was a baby, she slept holding that little pink bear.  She would take the very tip of its hat and rub it inView full post »

Blog Love.

Have you ever heard of Bloglovin?  I used to use Google Reader to follow a handful of blogs, but now I have switched toView full post »

Sleepovers & Sundays

This past weekend Shiloh had her sweet cousin sleep over.  They were oblivious to us and wanted to paint, dance, bake,View full post »

Walking & Talking

The girls and I found new walking trail near our home.  I believe it actually spans all the way through town, but weView full post »

Moved & Given a New Name {Welcome!}

Welcome!  Its my first post here on Wild Oak Stream.  The previous blog was old.  It was started as a way to keepView full post »


This past week has been a difficult one.  Capri came down with a virus that gave her a fever then a rash.  She wasView full post »

First Month.

We’ve been living in our new home for a month.  We are doing great, adjusting accordingly, and embracing this newView full post »

Big news… {Spring 2013 Newsletter}

To read our latest, Spring 2013 Newsletter, click here.  We have some big news, announcements, and would love to haveView full post »


I have been meaning to write this post for a while now.  But I always hesitated.  I don’t have much to say aboutView full post »

Not all those…

“Not all those who wander are lost. “ ~J.R.R. Tolkien Although they are seeing the world through very youngView full post »