Taking It Slow



Every season in nature has themes.  Time of springing forth new life, rapid growth, or weathering storms, preparing for the cold of winter.  Brandon and I have been feeling for a while a necessity to have a season of slowing it down, getting back to our roots and examining our family’s needs… and we’re feeling the urgent need for that kind of season lately.  Its probably normal after walking through a tragedy, and facing pain head-on, to want to slam on the brakes and slow life down.  Our girls need it.  They need a greenhouse of safety and routine.  They need their little cups filled with love, attention from Mom and Dad, and quality time together.






We have been back into our homeschool routine, we have a lot of catching up to do, but at times we just cannot speed ahead full bore, so we are taking it slow most days.  We are allowing ourselves time to push work aside, and get outside for some adventure and laughter.  We are carving out time for imaginations to run wild, and to find immense joy in our days.  The girls have been hurt, scared, and broken, so it is now our responsibility to comfort them, assure them, pour love over them, and protect them as best we can.   Sometimes that looks like getting away for a day.  Sometimes that looks like cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and a warm fire and smothering them with kisses.  Sometimes that looks like letting them put on a show as we clap and applaud their entertaining performances.  Sometimes that is dance parties in the living room, or races in the front yard.  It is slow hugs, sweet prayers, and lingering in the moments.  They are teaching us a lot about our family, about our goals and dreams for the future.   This is a good season, a lovely season of digging down deep and slowing down the the days.



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