Little Ekstrom Conversations- {Capri Edition}


Or otherwise referred to in our house as Caprisms…

Conversation 1.
Capri:  Jesus, thank you for…. (pauses to look at Shiloh)…. Hey!  Close your eyes!

Conversation 2.
Mommy:  Capri, what did you dream about?
Capri:  I dream about… um… tooties.

Conversation 3.
Mommy:  Thank you for doing my hair.  Does Mommy look pretty?
Capri:  No.  Not yet.

Conversation 4.
Capri:  You are the best mommy ever!  And I am the best Capri ever.

Conversation 5.
Daddy:  Capri, you need to get back in the kitchen.
Capri:  Oh, haha, sorry.  I forgive you.

Conversation 6.
Daddy:  Well hi Miss Diva!
Capri:  I am not Miss Diva, I am Capri.

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