Today I Needed It…

I do not lie when I tell people that EVERY SINGLE time I take the girls into town to run an errand we get stopped by someone who comments about my kids.  Every time.  I don’t know why.  Maybe its having three girls, or maybe because I have a baby with me… not sure why either of those stand out.  Most of the days, I actually get annoyed.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t.  But I do.  The comments like, “Oh wow, THREE girls?  You poor thing.” get old.  So because of those comments, it makes me dread when anybody says anything.

Fast forward to today.

It took me 55 minutes to get out the door.  FIFTY FIVE minutes.  That is just crazy.

Why?  Because I had to specify each and every thing that Shiloh needed to do.  Capri got herself dressed, and then I turned around and she had undressed herself.  We started again.  She put her underwear on backwards.  We started again.  She couldn’t figure out her socks, so I had Shiloh help her…. that began a giggle-fest of chaos.  (Those are real, trust me).  I got Leilani ready.  She cried every time I put her down.  Hello separation-anxiety.  I had to intervene in the sock fiasco.  Then Capri finished getting herself ready, but put her jeans on backwards.  Now you probably wonder why I have her dress herself… because she is two and she wants to do everything “I do it”-style.  At this point, Shiloh decided that she would just lose all ability to listen to me and do anything I was telling her to do.  Two girls go potty…. separately, otherwise another giggle-fest of chaos would ensue.  I change Leilani’s diaper only to find that she has blown out and gotten her entire outfit dirty.  I have to then re-dress her as she wiggles and tries to flip over.  At this point I was about to give up and make the call to stay home.  But I realized I would still have to re-do this whole thing the next day if I didn’t go to town today.  So I finally get the baby in the car seat.  Have the big girls put their boots on and stand by the door.  I load them in the car.  Go back inside to spend 2 minutes on my hair/makeup/brushing teeth…. and 55 minutes later we are on our way to town.

Its a long drive to town.  I spent it shaking my head and laughing at how difficult the morning was.  I just couldn’t believe how they wore me out.  Little minions.  I felt like I was drowning… and I still had a shopping trip to tackle with them.

At the store, sure enough, the comments began.

“Oh look at them, so cute!”

“Wow, and you have a baby too!”

“Three girlies, how precious.”

“They are so cute, you have your hands full!”

“Great little helpers.”

Today, those comments felt good.  Today I needed them.  I needed to know that my 55 minute marathon paid off.  That although it took 55 minutes, my girls appeared “cute”.  That they were well-behaved while shopping.  The comments were like honey to my heart.  Today I need that honey.  Nobody made any of the annoying comments, somehow everyone had something sweet to say.  I almost hugged the little old lady who said they were great little helpers.  It was a little piece of evidence that I was doing something right.  These kind of days are the hardest for me, but as we checked out and walked back to the car, I felt so encouraged and had all my patience and sanity restored.

Now if I could only figure out how to never have another 55 minute morning again…


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