Teaching Her.


Our decision to start homeschooling Shiloh wasn’t necessarily because of a public vs. homeschool education, although we do have our opinions on that.  It was more due to the fact that she was ready to learn and yet, wasn’t old enough to begin Kindergarten at any of the local schools.  She was ready, and we figured we would give her a chance to ‘do school’ at home and that way she would (1) be able to fulfill her desire to learn and (2) we could give homeschooling a try to see if it was something that could work for our family.

Turns out we LOVE it.  We chose this curriculum, thanks to several family and friends recommendations.  Initially I thought that with Shiloh only being 4 years old, we would have to omit some of the lessons that were too advanced for her age.  But it turns out that so far, we haven’t omitted a single thing.  Granted we are only 10 weeks in, but I really don’t think we will have to skip anything.  She loves it.  The curriculum pairs a letter of the alphabet with something that God has made in the world, and then a characteristic of God.  Mix that with the phonics, math concepts, science studies, and reading lessons and she ends up getting a great week of learning.  For instance we just completed W-week… which we learned about W-w-water, that Jesus gives our spirits living water to drink, and we studied the three phases of water: liquid, solid, and gas.  Each week builds upon the previous for phonics and blending letter sounds to eventually reading simple words.


The best part is that she has so much fun.  I do too.  It really is my favorite part of the day.  Really!  No lies.  I adore seeing her eyes light up when I tell her to get her school stuff out and that its time to start.  I love hearing her voice sing the little songs we learn.  I love watching her brain think as she sounds out words.  And I love getting messy with her as we make a craft or do a little science project.  Capri usually tags along, which is chaotic, but extremely fun also.  Leilani is nice to us and usually is still sleeping or taking her morning nap.  Sometimes we are still in our jammies.  Sometimes my kitchen table and counter tops are covered in papers, scissors, glue, paint, and crayons.  Sometimes we ‘do school’ for 2 hours, and some days we are having so much fun, we keep going until lunchtime.  I have heard from other homeschooling moms who talk about how sweet it is to teach their kids, and I get it.  There is something very precious about the time I get to spend with Shiloh.  Its a great fit for our family right now.  I am thankful to have this opportunity and I am excited to start back up after our Christmas break.


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December 15, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Tyler Dean - Mannnn this made me miss y’all sooooo much! I think it means that it’s time for “Tiger” to come visit! 🙂

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