And we are having…

Halfway through this pregnancy and we finally found out what we are having.  We are seeing the fetal medicine specialist for a few ultrasounds and fetal echocardiograms as a precaution since Capri has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  The preliminary anatomy scan showed a healthy baby and no abnormal heart issues.  We’ll be returning in a month for an echocardiogram, which will take a closer look at baby’s heart.

And on to the good news.

Baby #3 is….

…a GIRL!

What was kinda funny was that we swung by the store to get a bundle of balloons before returning home… and the balloon guy had every color in stock, except baby pink.  Hahaha, go figure!  So hot pink it was!  We had a good laugh over that.

We were taking these pics in between rain showers… so the while Shiloh was over-the-moon excited that she just found out she’ll be having another little sister, and Capri was over-the-moon excited that we bought more balloons for her to play with… neither one was excited to be outside in the cold, gloomy weather.  Their faces say it all.

We are extremely excited to be adding another baby girl to our brood.  We knew beforehand what we would name her… so for all of our friends, family, and faithful blog readers… little miss shall be named…

We are blessed indeed.  Brandon and I can’t even express how excited we are for Leilani.  Her name means ‘heavenly flower’, and Cruz means ‘cross’.  Shiloh is already going around saying, “I have TWO sisters:  Capri and Leilani!”  (Capri is just working on saying “bay-bee”)   She gave us some great portraits during the ultrasound… we are already in awe of her beauty.

She is already a part of our family and we can’t wait for the day we get to meet her face to face.

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March 26, 2014 - 9:16 am

christa spates - so happy for you all!!! always keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! loving all the updates and wonderful photos!!! love watching all of you bloom!!! miss you guys alot, still in awe of gods goodness!!

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