Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1.
Daddy:  Shiloh, can you please clean up your toys?
Shiloh:  (Shaking her head)  That man in crazy!

Conversation 2.
(As the snow outside has partly melted away.)
Shiloh:  Oh no!  The birds came and ate all the snow!
Shiloh:  Hey!  Birds!  Don’t eat my snowman!

Conversation 3.
Shiloh:  Mommy?  Do you feel sick?
Mommy:  Yes, the baby is making Mommy sick.
Shiloh:  I am just sick about how you feel sick.

Conversation 4.
Shiloh:  Hey Daddy, I am going to go shoot a deer.
Daddy:  Oh yea?
Shiloh:  Yea, and then after I shoot the deer, I am going to go ice-skating.

Conversation 5.
Shiloh:  When I get bigger, I am going to be walking down the street and see a boy, and he is going to ask to be my husband, …and then I can get a puppy!


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April 2, 2014 - 10:19 am

Kyra Faulkner - Oh my gosh, these are amazing! I’m still waiting on that puppy part of marriage! (:

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