Little Ekstrom Conversations

Conversation 1.
Shiloh:  (Pointing at a Burger King)  Mommy is that where we get coffee?
Mommy:  No, that is where people get food.
Shiloh:  Do we get food there?
Mommy:  No, we really don’t eat fast food.
(long pause)
Shiloh:  Oh… yea… we eat slower food.

Conversation 2.
Shiloh:  Daddy, I have a surprise for you!
Daddy:  Oh really?  What is it?
Shiloh:  Nothing.

Conversation 3.
Shiloh:  Mommy!  Look at me!  I am on my tippy toes.  Just like when we saw Sarah and Kody, and they were on their tippy toes.  And the littles too.  They were diarreahs.
Mommy:  Um, did you mean ballerinas?
Shiloh:  Oh, yea, ballerinas.

Conversation 4.
Shiloh:  We can’t eat sunflower seeds.  Daddy can.  Only men can eat sunflower seeds.
(thinking for a second)
Shiloh:  Ah, the joys of being me.

Conversation 5.
Shiloh: Look Mom, I swept the leaves!
(she only swept about a square foot of our porch)
Mommy:  Hmm… well there is still a lot more to do, you better keep sweeping.
Shiloh:  No, I think I am done today.  I’ll do the rest tomorrow.



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December 2, 2013 - 7:21 pm

Audrey Causey - hahaha I can totally see her saying all of this now! So adorable. I miss her.

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