To All The Missionaries

To all the missionaries we know.  To all the ones we have never met.  To the person who has been on ‘the field’ for 30+ years.  To the one who just left home and has started their journey.  To the one who goes routinely.  To the one who has gone once.  To the one who is raising money right this very moment to go to another nation and share the gospel.  To the person who is called to stay in their own country, work in a particular field, go to school, to call a place not far from home their mission field.  To the one who is changing their community, their neighborhood, their own family.  To the one who has sacrificed it all.  To the one who misses family events, major holidays, and seeing friends and family face to face.  To the young missionary.  To the old.  To the families.  To the little babies born into a missionary family.  To the missionaries from all denominations.  Thank you!  You are courageous, you are bold, you are faithful, you are servant-hearted, you are loving, you are needed.  You are valuable to God’s kingdom, to the broken people.  You are missed by loved ones.  You are inspiring to many who feel that quiet call to GO.  You are supported.  You are not alone.  You are doing God’s work, and He is glorified in you.


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September 17, 2013 - 12:00 am

nicole neesby - this is so so beautiful. i think we don’t value enough that Jesus has a place for every single one of us, whether it is far or near. it is such a gift to live for Him.

i can’t wait to check out more of your beautiful blog, as i just found it via caseyleigh’s link up. happy tuesday, friend!


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