9 Months Old

This little pistol is 9 months old.  She has now surpassed the amount of days on the inside of my belly with her life on the outside.  Its crazy.  Capri is so very different than her sister.  She is adventurous.  She has a sense of humor that spills out of her 9 month old self.  She is a spitting image of her father.  She has an insatiable appetite for life.  If you put her  down on the ground, she wants to feel the grass, feel it in her hands, feel it in between her toes.  She wants to touch and explore the world around her.  She never stops moving.  Ever.  I have a feeling when she gets the hang of her feet beneath herself, I am going to never stop moving either.  She is happy, happy, happy. Really.  90% of her day is spent being content, entertained by whatever we are up to.  Her best friend is Shiloh.  Its adorable.  Brandon and I cannot make her laugh the way that Shiloh can.  Many nights we hear them giggling after we turn out the lights and put them to bed.  Sister giggles.  I pray that those giggles turn into whispers, and those whispers turn into a lifelong friendship of late night talks and phone conversations.  This little lady is my favorite.  Well, okay, Shiloh is too.  A mom can have multiple favorites, right?

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September 17, 2013 - 12:01 am

nicole neesby - she is seriously such a doll! and her headband and tutu?! so cute. i can’t wait to have a little girl someday.


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