{Explore Southern Oregon} Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair

Okay, technically Tulelake is in California, not Oregon… but its only 25 minutes away from our house, so for the sake of us exploring our local area, it makes this post series.  Brandon’s dad grew up in Tulelake, which hosts one of the best local fairs around.  We skipped the carnival side of it all because Capri is so young, and we thought Shiloh would enjoy the animals more than rides.  Be prepared to see a lot of pictures of farm animals.

Shiloh got to ride a pony named Sparkle.  She insisted on me holding her hand the first 5 times around… but then shoved me away.  Little Miss Independent.  She made me so proud to see her riding all by herself.

We got to tour through the different barns- beef, swine, sheep, goats, etc, and see the prize winning livestock.

I think Capri yelled at almost every living animal with 4 legs.

Despite the fact that this was not a petting zoo, and no one had food to feed the animals, some of them sure got friendly with us.

My favorite part was the pig races.  How can you NOT laugh at tiny piglets racing around a track?  And some of them jump too?  Amazing.

A fair is a great excuse to eat really REALLY unhealthy food, right?  Shiloh got her introductory taste to the world of corn dogs.  She’s a fan.  Brandon and I enjoyed some good ol’ fashion bbq sandwiches.  They must put something special in fair food, because everything tastes so darn good.  Am I right, or am I right?

This little lamb/sheep/ewe, was named Polka-Dot.  Her 8 year old owner told us all about her while her mom gave her a trim.  Polka-Dot was sleeping mind you, the entire time.

Have you ever seen a white turkey?  We hadn’t. Never even knew they existed.

These little piglets were 9 days old.  And below, 9 day old calves.  Crazy the size difference.  But the piglet breeder said that they would grow to be 800 pounders.  800 POUNDS?!?

We met up with cousin-friends.  And ended the night running around and hanging out together.

The fair was one of the best evenings we have had.  It was really fun to see a fair through the eyes of our girls.  The Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair lasted 4 days, and was complete with so many activities that we didn’t get to see because we only went one evening.  They had rodeos, greased pig competitions, tractor pulls, a parade, auctions, live music, and so much more.  We are already talking about going again next year.

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September 9, 2013 - 1:13 pm

Jessie - The jumping pig made me laugh. That’s amazing! We just went to our county fair a few weekends ago. We bypassed the rides too and went straight to the 4H animals. Sooo much fun for the whole family!

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