Independence Is Exhausting

Shiloh has turned a new corner and spread her wings some.  She insists on doing a lot of things all by herself.  As her mom I know it gives her confidence and she feels valued when she does things on her own.  Sometimes it is hard, but lets face it, with Capri moving around so much, most of the time having Shiloh be able to do more on her own is amazing.

Many afternoons I still make her lay down and rest.  Some days she’ll just quietly play and sing to herself.  But others, like yesterday, she’ll fall asleep within minutes, exhausted from the day of doing everything all by herself.  I have to remind myself that she is only three.

With her zipper pulled up all the way, because she had to do it herself.

I love to lay quietly next to her and watch her sleep.  For that brief moment, she is my baby again.  And just when she wakes up, for those first few minutes, she is too tired to be independent and she’ll crawl over to me and snuggle.

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