Babies, Babies, Everywhere

Saturday we packed up and headed south for the day.  We drove down to Sacramento, California.  It was bittersweet to be headed back in that direction but not actually be going back down to Pismo Beach.

Capri had some friends to meet.  9 other mommy friends of mine, with 9 sweet babies all Capri’s age.  Families drove from southern California, Nevada, the Bay Area, Napa Valley, and us from Oregon all to meet together in person for the first time.  We are part of a group of many more mommies from around the States, but this was just the families from the West Coast getting together.  It was pure baby fun and pure baby chaos.

One of the mommy’s made a onesie for each of our babies that read, “West Coast Turkey Babies”.  She even made shirts for the big sisters that came, and hair bows for the girlies.  So fun.  ‘Turkey Babies’, meaning, all of our babies had due dates the week of Thanksgiving (thus Turkey), so most of them have actual birthdays towards the end of November.  Funny thing is Capri’s first birthday will be on Thanksgiving day this year.  Anyways, back to the babies.  It was impossible to capture 9 babies looking perfectly at the camera… but its way more adorable to see them let loose to cry, stare, worry, check each other out, and just be babies.  I also would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed holding and snuggling the chunky-monkey babies.  At less than 15lbs, Capri was majorly outweighed, out-rolled, out-thighed.  I lurve me some chunky babies.

It was so fun to finally meet these women in person.  I hold them dear to my heart.  They are all so kind, so loving, and I am very thankful to have gotten to go and spend the weekend getting to know them more.  And thankful for all the daddies for coming along also!  It was a great weekend, full of sun, swimming, mommy-time, laughter, babies, and more laughter.  🙂

It will be fun to tell Capri about this all when she is a little older.  And who knows?  Maybe we will make this an annual thing, I hope so!

The road trip home was super fun also.  Shiloh never fails to keep us entertained.  Brandon even stopped at the casino to win us some free gas money.  Spontaneous and random.

I’ll leave you with this last picture, on the right is California, and on the left is Oregon.  Isn’t that cool?


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