Birthday Weekend

Brandon’s birthday was yesterday.  Its so fun to have birthdays that are days apart…. fun, fun, fun.  The weekend was a great time not just celebrating Brandon, but just celebrating in general.  Our garden has finally showed signs of flowering and pollination.

I got to take a trip with Capri to see Brandon’s grandparents.  They recently moved a couple hours away.  We had lunch with them and got to visit their new place.  Capri loved spending time with them.

That evening Brandon and I had a great date night together, and on our way back home, we made new friends with our resident white duck.  She lives in the canal at the beginning of our driveway.  She pretended not to like us, but I could tell that if I had some food, she’d be my best friend.

The girls and I picked out a tool shed for Brandon.  Yesterday we set it up together.  And by that I mean I read the directions to Brandon and occasionally help something in place for him.  It was rather easy, only took us an hour, and we were still married at the end of it.  😉

Nothing like spotting a tree frog on your window.  Hello little guy.  Please help yourself to all the mosquitos you desire, no really, I mean it.

Finally Brandon has a place to store all his woodworking tools.  And they are not in my pantry anymore.  Win, win.

I love it.  Well, mostly I love that he has a space for everything, and its organized.  He loves to build, but with harvest season demanding 70+ hours a week of him, he has no time to fool around with finding things.  Now its all there, in one place.

Then in the afternoon, we spent time with the family.  Shiloh looks for this cat every time we are over there.  I don’t ever remember all the cats’ names.  I think this one might be Gunther.  Who knows.  I am not a cat girl.  Unfortunately Shiloh would take this one home if she could catch him.  Hide little kitty, hide.

It was croqueting all day for the guys.  I don’t dare play.  They are ruthless.

We brought Roxy over so she could run off her puppy-hyperness.

They always seem to wear their blue shirts at the same time….

I am not sure if Brandon won any games… but I do know he broke his mallet.  Stick.  Whatever they are called.

Little Miss Capri.

The birthday dessert was a hit with her.

Happy Birthday Brandon!  We are excited for this upcoming year in your life and thankful to have you as the man in ours.

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