Friday Photos

Just some random perspectives from around our household this week.  My house on most days looks like this, dishes to be washed and put away, toys placed in random places, but lovely little reminders of imaginations at play… and my favorite colors making me smile as I walk around the house.  A sweet little girl who prefers to never wear clothes.  Evidence of the wine we had the night before.  Dirty little girl boots.  Watercolored masterpiece from my little artist.

Some of you may know that yesterday morning our adorable puppy, Roxy, ingested antifreeze.  It was a long and difficult day for us and her.  She is currently at a vet clinic in town, as they attempt a treatment to save her.  Shiloh was very upset and ‘just wanted Roxy to come home’.  We took the opportunity to talk to her about life, sickness, death, and how it is not up to us, but that in these moments we can pray, God will take care of us, and we will be okay no matter what happens.  Its emotional to write about.  We are waiting to hear from the vet this morning after they run some tests to see how she is doing.  Her little toys are sitting in our mudroom are a reminder that we love and miss her.  I will update this post later today after I have more news.


*** UPDATE:  As of 1:30pm today, Roxy is home and recovering.  The vet told us that 2 out of 5 dogs make it after antifreeze poisoning, and that he couldn’t be happier with how she is doing.  We are so thankful that she is one of those 2 that statistically survive, and we are keeping her safe and mellow (is that even possible with a lab?) for the next week so that we can monitor her system and watch for signs of kidney damage.  But, she made it through the roughest part!!!  The vet who cared for her is amazing and we are thankful for his talent and know-how when it came to this emergency yesterday.  Thank you for all your prayers.

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