My Rock

Cheesy as it may sound, my husband Brandon really is my rock.  Of course, God is first, that is a given… He is the only true unchanging one in my life.   But when it comes to someone who I can talk to daily and always count on, its this guy.

I have to brag on him.  He surprises me still with how steady and unwavering he is in his integrity as a man.  His convictions run deep, but he is consistent in the fact that if he is wrong, he will change and make sure he is marked by truth and love.

One day I will have to share our love story on here…  Love stories are my favorite.  I love that he sharpens me and makes me want to be a better person, love more, forgive more, and take risks.  People say he has an ‘old soul’… which maybe is true.  But old soul or not, he is passionate and loves adventure, to laugh, be goofy, and be wild and crazy.  One of my favorite things about Brandon is that he grew up around only brothers… and now he is married, and God has given him two daughters.  He is surrounded by women.  I know we drive him crazy and I can see that he wonders how he is going to handle being a father to our girls when they grow up… but his love for them is immeasurable.  They bring out a side to him that is so sweet and tender… and so protective.  Its wonderful to see him hold them in his arms, brush their pretty hair, play dress up with them, and dance with them in our living room.  He is an amazing father.

I am one lucky gal.   I am thankful for him being my rock.

Photo credits:  (top) Paulina Bolton, (second down) unknown, (last) Little Moments Photography.

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