Walking & Talking

The girls and I found new walking trail near our home.  I believe it actually spans all the way through town, but we just stuck to the first several miles that are in the middle of the farm fields and cow pasture.  Capri looks P.Oed, right?  I promise she was in heaven.  As long as that girl is moving, she doesn’t care what she is doing.  In fact, she was probably annoyed that I took the moment to stop and snap her picture instead of push her and walk.

I had planned on popping in my head phones and escaping the world with some good music for an hour or so.  But I forgot that since we got new phones, I hadn’t uploaded a single song onto it.  So that idea quickly changed.  Instead I got to have a fun time talking with Shiloh for over an hour.

“Hey Mom, look there’s a cow!”  Yes, I see.  That is so cool.

“Oh look!  Mom!  There are more cows!”  Yup, wow, just look at all those cows.

At least cows are entertaining because they people watch.  So as I stop to take their picture, they are all turning to stare at me.  Curious and intrigued.  Our conversation pretty much was about cows, or birds, or plants, or dragonflies, or the wind.  Shiloh is learning and curious and intrigued too.  I had a blast talking about the simple things.  She notices things that I don’t even see anymore in life.  The smallest, most simple thing is fascinating to her.  Its nice to take some time and be quiet from technology for a little bit and open my eyes to the simple but yet amazing things around me.  Thank you  sweet 3 year old for your beautiful curiosity and for the wonderful conversation on our walk.

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