Moved & Given a New Name {Welcome!}

Welcome!  Its my first post here on Wild Oak Stream.  The previous blog was old.  It was started as a way to keep friends and family updated while we worked with YWAM.  However, it became kinda fun to just blog about our family, so now that we have actually moved in real life, I wanted to actually move the blog.  So this is it.

You can read the last post over there, here.  I will be taking that blog offline soon, but don’t worry, its all been moved to this one already, minus some details that are no longer up-to-date.

Bear with me because much of what you see is new and I am learning about the features of the design.  I will be ironing out the kinks soon… and you might notice some changes from this post forward since before today, the posts were all imported from blogger.  I am excited to grow this blog and see where it takes me!

I am going to have to learn how to use my own voice… before I wrote most of the blog posts, however I would write it from “us”-Brandon and I.  I will have to get used to this.

Wild Oak Stream came from several months (some would say years) of praying and considering starting a real blog.  I felt that I should, but didn’t know how or why.  Several other people, who I hadn’t shared any of this with, approached me and encouraged me to make the previous blog into something more REAL.  So this is it.  Not much will change from before (the previous blog was real also), except this place will hopefully look better, and it will be me sharing about our family’s life, things on my heart, and, well… basically anything I decide to write about.  I asked Brandon to help me choose a name.  We have always loved using the meaning of our last name, Ekstrom = Oak Stream.  From there we both threw out the word “Wild” and loved it.  It had an emotion attached to it.  Maybe its because our lives at the moment with 2 little girls, a new job, and rambuctious puppy feels WILD.  Or maybe its because as a family we are attracted to that feeling in your heart when you let go and jump off a cliff.  I love that the word makes me think about living a life outside of the norm, stretching my heart, trying new things, not being contained, and letting life get messy.  I love how wild Jesus was compared to the average person of His time.  He is still wild today.  And well, that about sums up the new name, Wild Oak Stream.


I will leave you with the latest from our family.  We got a new puppy- Roxy.  She is a black lab and I have never experienced the amazinglovingrambuctiouswilleatanythinginsight-ness of labs.  She is wonderful and goes to work with Brandon.  The girls and I have been spending a lot of time indoors at our cottage.  We only go out if its cool and windy.  The mosquitos are in full force, and by mosquitos I mean, zombie-don’t-care-about-deet blood sucking predators.  Shiloh has a bad reaction to them, and frankly I would rather avoid 30 bites a day.  So we’ll play indoors when we are at home until they are gone.   Our garden has begun to bear some delightful spinach.  I can’t wait for the rest to be ready to eat.  Capri is crawling, pulling up, climbing, teething, and making us laugh a lot.


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July 12, 2013 - 4:00 pm

Sarah - The blog looks great!! Can’t wait to follow along on your new journey 🙂

July 14, 2013 - 1:35 am

Jelli - Hi Kirsten, love your pretty photos! I’m visiting from Casey Leigh this weekend & happy to have found your new site. I’m interested in reading more about your missionwork as a family. My husband and I met in YWAM and have traveled together with our little girl once to Italy to help with a school there. We don’t currently belong to YWAM but rather work with the youth at our church, but I love meeting new mission hearted moms out there. Have a great weekend!

July 15, 2013 - 3:38 pm - Hi! Its always a joy to meet another YWAMer, especially another young family. We have been so blessed to do missions work as a family together and I love how God uses babies and children to spread love and joy to other people around the world. I hope ya’ll have a great week too!

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