DTS Begins…

Our much anticipated DTS begins today.


17 students.  Which is crazy because that is the largest DTS to date for our base.

Plus there is a Basic Leadership School running alongside this DTS, another first for YWAM Pismo Beach… our first ever secondary school.  5 students on that school.  Their school began last week.

So by this evening when we kick things off, there will be 22 students coming together to embark on a crazy 6 months of discipleship & leadership training.

Whoa again.

I always compare DTS to running a marathon.  Its a long race, so you can’t think ‘immediate’ or ‘now’.  You have to have a long haul mentality.

Our pace of life changes when DTS begins.  We love it.  It has its hard times… life becomes “go go go” and with intensity.

🙂  But its been much anticipated.  And we are very excited to begin this DTS & see what God has for these 17… well, 22 incredible people.

Our staff are incredible as well… Brandon & I are super honored to have 3 people who are so amazing and they really make our work easy (and they make us look gooohoood)  hahaha.


I also have compared having a baby to that before.

Shoot.  We’ll be doing that also.  2 Marathons.  Um, whelp, big gulps.  More and more dependance on God is never a bad thing!

Ya’ll can be praying for us.
                                For the students.
                                            For the next 6 months.

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