Advent {Days 5-13}

Day 5 {Monday}  Make Christmas cards for friends.
This was fun.
I found inspiration on pinterest.
My favorite is the house with smoke.
I would make 100 of those if I had time.
Brandon’s favorite is Rudolph the mustached and red-nosed reindeer (not pictured).
Shiloh’s favorite is the stick tree.
She got to collect twigs and sticks.
DIY Christmas cards are WAY MORE FUN than regular ones.
Day 6 {Tuesday}  Put money in the salvation army bucket.

Its amazing how much change you can find lying around.

Shiloh was a pro.
The salvation army volunteer was taking a break when we got there.
He came running up when he saw us.
I think he was amazed at how many pennies Shiloh had brought.
Giving IS better than receiving.
Just like Jesus.
Day 7 {Wednesday}  Make a tiny Christmas tree and decorate with popcorn garland.
Brandon found some advadaco tree branches out back.
I kept sending him down for more.
Popcorn garland is fun to make…
Popcorn is fun to eat.
Cranberries are not.
Day 8 {Thursday}  Drink hot apple cider.
We had our YWAM booth at Farmer’s market in the evening.
We gave away free apple cider.
People made donations.
The donations are going to Rwanda.
The cider was yummy and warm.
Day 9 {Friday}  Take a family holiday photo.
Our friend, Jacque, took a few photos of us.
It was a windy morning.
The sign says “Merry Christmas”.
Day 10 {Saturday}  Drink hot chocolate.
What is better than hot chocolate?
Its the must have cozy Christmas drink.
We snuggled up with some after a wonderful evening at our church.
We learned all about the truth of Christmas at church.
Day 11 {Sunday}  Eat french toast and listen to Christmas music.

We love having a weekend morning breakfasts all together.

Shiloh loved her french toast.
Is french toast really French?
I am realizing that Christmas music should be played all day every day until Christmas.
O Holy night might be my favorite.
Shiloh loves Jingle Bells… she yells the “HEY” part.
Day 12 {Monday}  Attend our YWAM Christmas party.

It was a crazy day.

We were super late to dinner, and felt so awful.
Dinner was at Olive Garden, yum!
Then we had a secret Santa gift exchange and desserts back at a staff’s house.
I got a great gift card to the yummy Jamba Juice.
The Victoria’s Secret bag was Brandon’s gift.
It was not from Victoria’s Secret.
Brandon got a gift card to Home Depot, of course.
What a great bag to put a Home Depot gift card in!
Shiloh’s favorite little baby girl wore the cutest Santa hat.
It was fun celebrating with our YWAM family.
Day 13 {Tuesday}  Make a cotton ball Santa.

Cotton balls + glue = thought it was going to be a disaster.

It wasn’t.
Shiloh was super cute.
She did everything but the face all by herself.
I tried teaching her “Santa”… but I was not successful.
We’ll stick to “Jesus”, He’s the real reason for Christmas anyways.

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