We have been exploring some of our creativity this year…. Brandon has been busy doing some woodworking, and I have tried (and failed a ton) my hand at sewing… but we thought we’d lighten the mood on the blog and share some of our latest creations.
Embroidery Hoop Art (engagement gift for our friend Kim).

Up-cycled Yogurt Containers… for our baby herb garden (sadly it is now dead, R.I.P herbs).

Len Strap Cover  (made from scraps of fabric).

Owl Mobile (a gift for the littlest YWAMer here, Eisley).  Her mom has a really sweet blog, called Dear Eisley, you should check it out.

Ruffle Butt Onesie (again for little Eisley).

“Sunshine” made out of scrap wood.  Originally this was made for Shiloh’s non-existent bedroom… but its too awesome not to hang it up on our walls until we move and have a 2 bedroom place, then maybe we’ll think about giving it back to her… 🙂

Over The Sink Shelf, for displaying our dishes and coffee mugs.

Paper Bird Painting.

Bathroom Window Curtain.  So the avocados out back don’t get a show.  😉

Brandon has a ton more handiwork, but we just didn’t have any photos on hand of them.  He’s made some beautiful picture frames… really nice.  And then some pretty amazing wine bottle holders.  They are magical.  Really, they are.  We’ll have to get some good photos of them soon and then devote a whole post to the magic.   😉

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