Last night we had an offering.  The two DTS Outreach Teams still needed about $2,000.  Plus Brandon and I still needed about $4,700 for our Pastoral Visit to see the teams.

22 YWAMers sat in the living room.  We worshiped.  We prayed and asked God what we should each give.  We listened.  And we gave.

The numbers of what was needed began to drop.  People’s amounts began to zero out.  Wait—— did you hear that?  They ZEROED OUT!

Our number began to drop.  And drop.  And drop.

Brandon and I both had our eyes closed once our amount still needed was down to around $4,000.  We just closed our eyes and sat quietly in the Lord’s presence.  People were still giving.

When the offering was completed we received a total of $2,189!  Amazing!  (I’ll admit, I was crying.)

We knew the offering would be a blessing to help those still needing money for the outreach.  We knew that God would move people’s hearts to give.  We NEVER IMAGINED that people’s hearts would be moved to give so much!  In total, through the entire offering, $4,140.05 was given!!!

So as of today, we’ve purchased tickets for the Israel portion of the Pastoral Visit!!!  Whoa!  Thank you Lord!  And we only need $2,500 more for the tickets to Asia + the in-country costs in both countries.   I am so joyed to feel the love behind all that people have given us!  It really is an exciting and inspiring thing.  It stirs my heart.  And I know that God has big plans for our time with the Outreach Teams.

We’re excited to have the tickets bought for Israel.  Brandon went there on his DTS outreach back in 2006….  and he’s getting excited to return.  I just realized today that I don’t know anything in Hebrew!  Guess I’ll just have to buy and iPhone and use this cool app:

Just kidding.  But isn’t it WAY COOL!!!!

Brandon and I both hope that as you read this, it blesses you in some way, maybe just in a tiny encouraging way… who knows how God will move and bless you!

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